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Alvina Yepa and Lloyd Yepa

Jemez Pueblo Pottery







Alvina Yepa is from the Jemez Pueblo

Wisdom, Prosperity and Long Life

Large Seed Bowl

Alvina Yepa was born in 1954. She's been making pottery since she was 8 years old
 and learned from her mother, Nonche. Alvina's pottery designs are original and very
extremely well executed.  He pottery consistently wins awards at major shows

This is a large pot that is completely handmade, including  the clay.
It was made Circa 2000 as a wedding gift to her nephew Lloyd and his new bride
Marnella Kucate. Like many newelry married couples they needed money to start
their lives together and sold me the pot.

I have known Marnella since she was a child. She is the grandaughter Zuni, Thelma
and Aaron Sheche. The Sheche are Zuni tribal leaders as well as noted fetish
animal carvers. Their work is in the Smithsonian. Interestingly, the Sheche / Kucate
family are direct descendents of Theodore Kucate who helped Frank Hamilton Cushing
in his original 1880's study of the Zuni for the Second Annual Report to the Bureau
of Ethnology as submitted to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.

This is a heartfelt work of art created for a very special occassion. It is among, if not,
the best incised southwest pottery I ever saw. It is pefect in very way. The detailing
is beautiful with a Kiva and Eagle Feathers surrounding the top of the pot. Symbols of
prosperity are incised around the pot... including rain clouds and corn.

The clay itself is very unique. It is a beige color with a light red / pink color cast.

This is a magnificent pot in new condition

It measures 7" in diameter and is 5 1/2" tall



Llyod Yepa Jemez Pueblo Potter

Lloyd Yepa
 The Yepa family is a long established Jemez family of potters.

Although Lloyd Yepa is relatively new on the scene,
he is quickly making his mark.  His beautiful pottery
 is well executed and artistically exciting with
its balanced designs and colors.

Lloyd often uses micaceous clay and as a result,
 his pottery flashes in sunlight as if filled with tiny diamonds.
Another aspect of Lloyds pottery worth noting is his
 polishing technique. Often, his pottery
 will appear to be fine wood.

Llyod Yepa Jemez Pueblo Pottery

Llyod Yepa Jemez Pueblo Pottery

 Sunburst Vase

Made with micaceous clay,
 Lloyd gave this vase reddish brown earth tones
 and then incised a sunburst, rain, clouds, and lightning.

5 1/4" across x 4 1/4" tall