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Edna Leki / Teddy Weahkee Small Zuni Fetish Bowl - Circa 1970's - 1980's

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Robert Michael Weahkee Zuni Fetish Bowl - Circa 2014

\Zuni Fetish Bowl

Teddy Weahkee is a key figure in the evolution of Zuni arts and crafts. His Zuni fetish carvings were very tradtional. His family, to this day, still carve their fetish animals (to a great extent) that way. Teddy Weahkee was also the first Zuni silversmith to use mosaic inlay. Mosaic inlay is stone against stone without the use of a channel to hold the inlay in place.

Edna Leki was the daughter of Teddy Weahkee and the mother of Lena Boone and Dinah Gasper. Both Lena and Dinah are noted fetish carvers. Edna Leki learned to carve from Teddy and followed his style almost exactly. This is evident in way the fetishes are carved and adorned with offerings.

While this bowl was made circa 1970's - 1980's, it was made as Fetish Bowl's were in the 1800's.

For example, the bowl (which was made in Acoma) is coated with a pine tar mixture. Edna kept a proprietary mixture of turquoise and azurite that she would stick to the fetish bowl. This is meant to give the fetishes great importance and value. The fetishes themselves are strung with deer sinew and leather to insure the fetish spirits are strong. The fetish eyes are hand drilled and filled with the same dark tar mixture. The fetish bowl has a hole in it by which spirits can enter and leave. All of this is the Teddy Weahkee, ancient Zuni influence.









Edna Leki / Teddy Weahkee Small Wolf Zuni Fetish Bowl

There are 6 wolves here. Four are mounted on the bowl and Two stand free. The wolves
are made of stone in each color of the 6 Directions... they are made that way to protect the
holder from danger regardless of the direction from which the danger might come.

East - White

West - Blue

North - Yellow

South - Red

Above - Multi Color

Below - Black

The wolf is know for it's near human qualities and intellect. It is the protective
fetish of the East, "Thou art stout of heart and strong of will... thy coat is white and gray
the color of the day and dawn."

The Bowl measures 4" in Diameter and 3 1/4" high

Each Wolf Fetish is about 2 1/2" long