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Santa Clara Pueblo pottery

Large Black storage jars are emlematic of Santa Clara Pottery,often with an indented bear paw
design. There are many legendds about the bear paw, one says that a bear lead the Santa Claras
to water in a drought. In rememberance of this act of salvation, Santa Clara potters began
impolementing bear paws in their work. Another distinctive Santa Clara pot design is the double spouted,
strap handled wedding jar. Many peublos made this jar, and until recently Santa Claras used them
in their weddings.

Our Santa Clara Pueblo Potters
Alton Komalestewa-Helen-Shupla-Santa-Clara-Pottery
Alton Komalestewa / Helen Shupla
Mida Tafoya Santa Clara Pottery
Mida Tafoya Red Ware Pottery
Glenda Najaro santa clara pottery
Glenda Najaro Wedding Vase