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Zuni Pueblo Pottery

Zuni pottery is made in the traditional native american style using clay coils. A slip is then applied
to smooth the pot, designs are added using yucca brushes and paints made from the surrounding zuni
vegitation. Finally, the pots are fired in a kiln, Zuni stone oven, or open fire. The art of making
potery was dormant in Zuni for some time and its re-birth is generally credited to Daisy Hooey. Today,
Zuni pottery is a art form that many Zuni people study.

Our Zuni Pueblo Potters

Edna-Leki-Teddy Weahkee-Zuni-Fetish-Bowl

Edna Leki / Teddy Weahkee Zuni Fetish Bowl - Circa 1970 1980

livia panteah zuni pottery
Livia Roxanne Panteah
peynetsa zuni pottery

zuni pottery
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