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 Dr. Edwin Wade was a Harvard University Professor and while at Harvard spent time as assistant director of Harvard's Peabody Museum. Ed currently is an advisor to major Museums, Foundations and Individuals assisting with acquisitions and collection management. Prof. Wade is a recognized authority on Southwest Pottery. His personal collection of antique Hopi Pottery is among the finest in the world. Dr Wade is both an active buyer and seller of Southwest Pueblo Pottery. Contact @ 800 462 8536
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Vintage Zia Bird Pot Ed Wade Collection

Vintage Zia Bird Jar from the Professor Ed Wade Collection

Vintage Santo Domingo Bird Jar

Vintage Santo Domingo Bird Jar from the Ed Wade Collection

Edna Leki Zuni Fetish Bowl

$ave - Sale Priced - $ave

Large Edna Leki Zuni Fetish Bowl

Our Acoma Potters

Barbara and Joseph Cerno Acoma Pottery
Barbara and Joseph Cerno - Acoma Polychrome Pottery

Brian Delorme
Brian DeLorme


Barbara and Joseph Cerno Acoma Pottery
Barbara and Joseph Cerno - Acoma Polychrome Pottery 2

Sandra Victorino
Sandra Victorino - Extremely Fine Line Pottery

Rachael Concho - One of the Lewis Sisters

Our Hopi Pueblo Potters

Frog Woman

Namoki Hopi Pottery
Lawrence Namoki

Nampeyo Hopi Pottery

Jean Sahma Hopi Pottery
Jean Sahme

Our Santa Clara Pueblo Potters
Alton Komalestewa-Helen-Shupla-Santa-Clara-Pottery
Alton Komalestewa / Helen Shupla
Mida Tafoya Santa Clara Pottery
Mida Tafoya Red Ware Pottery
Glenda Najaro Santa Clara Pottery
Glenda Najaro Wedding Vase
Our Jemez Pueblo Potters

Lloyd Yepa Jemez Pottery Alvina Yepa & Lloyd Yepa

Mud head
Joe Cajero Jr.

Our Zuni Pueblo Potters

livia roxanne zuni pottery
Livia Roxanne Panteah
Peynetsa Zuni Pottery

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More Zuni pottery



Edna Leki / Teddy Weahkee Zuni Fetish Bowl


Our Mata Ortiz Pueblo Potters
Mata Ortiz Pottery
Robert & Angela Banuelos - Mata Ortiz Pottery
Mata Ortiz Pottery
Hector Ortega - Mata Ortiz Pottery